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I am a writer, a poet, a blogger. I write about abuse, trauma, dissociation, and being raised an Evangelical Christian. I write about testimonies and worldviews, and what it means to when the stories you were raised with, and the person you were told you were, proves to be wrong.

I write about the repurcussions of abuse, the ugly and unrepairable side of it, the value of anger, the freedom of unforgiveness.

A bigender transmasc, in transition. I write about self-creation and autonomy, about queerness that answers the question, 'Are you sure you're not queer because of the abuse?' with the answer, 'So what if I am?'

I'm an ex-Christian. I write about what it means to walk out of the sheep pen and realize the boundaries were all artificial. What it means when the demons I was told would destroy me were where I found my freedom.

I'm presently working on a memoir about these experiences entitled The Wrong Kind of Testimony.